About Dynamic

Dynamic offers both physiotherapy treatment and Movement Based Classification Treatment (MBCT) by principal physiotherapist, Jess Kerr. 

Jess is a local Warrnambool girl, born and bred. She lives in Warrnambool with her husband and two small children. Jess has a primary focus on treatment of low back pain, cervicogenic headaches, thoracic pain and chronic neurological conditions such as MS, Parkinsons and Stroke. As well as a keen interest in sports injuries.


The physiotherapy consultations involve assessment and treatment of injuries and biomechanical dysfunction. Treatment methods include dry needling, soft tissue work, joint mobilisation and targeted exercise prescription, often using the MBCT model. 

Clinical Pilates, or MBCT, is offered in Physiotherapist-run group sessions, unsupervised sessions* or one-on-one and involves the use of reformers, trapeze tables, exercise balls and resistance bands to improve posture, balance, strength and joint mobility. Each person does their own specific exercises during group sessions - there is no recipe and your exercises may change very regularly depending on any new issues which have developed. Jess is a Level 4 trained DMA Clinical Pilates physiotherapist.

New patients must undergo a one-on-one assessment before joining a Group Physiotherapy Session. 

Dynamic Physiotherapy offers onsite parking and all-abilities access.


Dynamic will have to "close" again due to having to home school my children. This will come into effect from Saturday 8th August 2020. All one-one appts in this time will be cancelled and you will be contacted.

I will be in the office schooling the children on Thursday and Friday mornings from Thursday 13th August to Friday 18th September and will open up "unsupervised" sessions for these time slots. They will in reality be partially supervised, if not fully supervised depending on how the cherubs are focusing on their schoolwork. I will be able to at least set-up your exercises and provide a plan for your session.

Sessions will be limited to 30mins and 2 people per timeslot.

The cost of a session will be $10.

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Monday 9am-6.30pm

Tuesday 9am-6.30pm

Thursday 9am-6.30pm 

Friday 8am-3pm

Ph: 5561 3249

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