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2021 timetable 

All sessions are fully supervised.

Sessions are 40minutes or 55 minutes

40minute session has a maximum of 4 people

55minute session has a maximum of 6 people



9am 55min

2:00pm 55 min

5:30pm 55min*

6:30pm 55min*


9am 40min

10:10am 40min

11:30am 55min

1pm 40min

4pm 55min

5:10pm 55min*

6:15pm 55min*

9am 40min

10:15am 55min

12:30pm 55min

4:15pm 55min*

5:20pm 40min

6:10pm 40min


9am 40min

10:30am 55min

12:15pm 40min

*previously filled class, availability low

Classes will open to book ahead in 3weeks at the time of the listed class, on the day of the listed class