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Dynamic prices are currently as follows:

Initial Physiotherapy consultation: $100 ($90 concession)

MBCT (Clinical Pilates) initial assessment: $100 ($90 concession)

Subsequent (follow-up) physiotherapy consultation: $85 ($80 C)

One-on-one MBCT (Clinical Pilates) session: $85 ($80 C)

Group Physiotherapy Session: $27.50 ($22.50 C)

Unsupervised exercise session: $10 (must be deemed appropriate by treating physiotherapist)


Taping: $15 ($12.50 C)


We also sell rocktape, grip socks, spiky massage balls, hotteeze hotpacks, wheat bags & equipment at competitive prices!

Payment can be made through HICAPS, Eftpos or cash. We do accept work cover, TAC and DVA clients. Please note there may be a gap payable on the day of treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are subject to change

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